Caravan of Friendship – Hobby tour

Rehabilitation trip Caravan of Friendship – Hobby tour took place in Zacarpathia from April 14 to April 22, 2019. A combination of childrens favorite passions with a sporty mood, improved their presentation skills with the ability to share knowledge and experience – all of this was received for children during this trip.

Children shared their skills and hobbies with other children, while practicing presentation skills, as well as keeping track of their physical health and were super-active all the time.

The children took part in a feather velvet master class – made interesting flowers, colored necklaces and original bags. Children also exchanged their hobbies – they danced and sang, learned the scrapbooking technique, made a map of Ukraine of yarns and nails, mastered the oriental dance. Throughout the journey, children were active and healthy, and also participated in various psychological trainings.
Happy and inspired children spent unforgettable days in the wonderful Transcarpathia.